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Using your Dishwasher - Quick Reference

Details the process behind starting a wash (discarding food scraps, adding detergent, and selecting wash modifiers) as well as start and stop your dishwasher.


  1. Discard food scraps and load dishes carefully 
  • Scrape large food particles off (e.g. bones, fruit stones) and remove any foreign objects (e.g. toothpicks, strings, paper).
  • To help with wash performance, arrange dishes so they are evenly spaced and not nesting.

For more detail, see user guide:
Caring for your dinnerware’  and ‘Loading’.

  1. Add detergent
  • Fill the detergent dispenser with powdered detergent and close the dispenser door or place a dishwasher tablet in the cutlery basket.

For more detail, see user guide:
Water hardness and dishwashing’, ‘Wash programmes and detergent quantities’, and ‘Adding detergent

  1. Turn power on
    (also check water is turned on)

For more detail, see user guide:
Controls and starting a wash

  1. Check rinse aid level, refill if necessary

  • If the rinse aid level is low, the rinse aid indicator on the display will light up.
    • Press the button to snap the dispenser cover open
    • Pour rinse aid into the circular opening (up to the MAX marking)
    • Wipe up any spills and click shut the cover.

For more detail, see user guide:
'Using rinse aid


  1. Check that nothing obstructs the spray arms, then close the door firmly


  1. Select wash program
  • Press 2017-06-30_1410.png to scroll through the wash programs,
Auto Senses the optimal wash program for your dishes
Normal (Default) Dishes with normal soils for optimum wash and dry performance
Normal Eco Dishes with normal soils for optimum energy and water usage
Fast A fast wash for lightly soiled dishes
Heavy Heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes
Rinse Prevents odors and soils from drying on dishes


  1. The dishwasher will beep. The display will show 0.png. After 30 seconds the display will turn off.
  2. Open the door slightly and leave ajar to help drying. Once cooled, unload dishes carefully

For more detail, see user guide:
'After the wash

  • Check condition of dishwasher, clean if necessary 
  1. Start wash
  • Press 2017-06-30_1411.png to start the wash program OR set Delay start
  • Press 2017-06-30_1523.png to enter delay start. Press 2017-06-30_1523.png again to increase the time (in hours). For more detail, see user guide: Setting Delay start

To cancel a wash once it has started 

  • Press 2017-06-30_1409.png to cancel the programme. --- will show in the display, then the wash progress indicators will go out and the display will turn off.
  • If you wish, you can start a different programme.

You may need to refill the detergent dispenser.

To pause and restart a wash program

  • Press 2017-06-30_1411.png to pause the programme.
  • The programme status (eg Wash) will flash while the dishwasher is paused. Open the door very slowly.

There is a risk of being sprayed with hot water. Do not fully open the door until the spray arms have stopped rotating.

  • Load, remove, or rearrange any dishes if needed.
  • Press 2017-06-30_1411.png to restart the program. If the dishwasher is not restarted within 7 minutes, it will then beep until the cycle is restarted.
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