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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Upper Basket

  • The upper basket is designed to hold items like glasses, cups, saucers, plates, small bowls and shallow pans.
  • Place larger utensils on or under the foldaway cup racks in the upper basket. Ensure that knife blades are facing down and that light weight items are weighted down or placed on the cupracks.

Fixed tine plate rack

  • Use the fixed tine plate rack to support saucers, small plates and bowls.
  • The tine spacing has been optimized for maximum wash performance of plates and bowls.
  • The fixed tine plate rack is not removable.

Adjustable Foldaway Cup Racks

  • Use the cup racks to support mugs, cups and glassware, and to secure large utensils and knives.
  • Adjust the height to suit the items stored on or below the racks.
  • Fold the racks away if you need to make space for taller items.
You can adjust these independently of each other to any height:
  1. Fold up to unlock the rack.
  2. Adjust the height to suit by sliding up or down.
  3. Fold down to lock in position.
  • Fold the racks away if you need the space.


Adjusting the height of the Upper Basket

  • Adjust the height of the upper basket to create more space for tall items in the lower basket.
  • You can adjust the height even when it is fully loaded, as you do not have to remove it from the dishwasher.
  • If you are removing the basket fully, make sure that the runners are aligned at the same height on both sides before re-inserting.
To lower the basket
  • Pull the lever up on one side and, without releasing it, carefully let the basket drop down.
  • Use the other hand to support the opposite side of the basket, so that it doesn’t drop suddenly and damage loaded dishes.
  • Repeat for the other side.
To lift the basket
  • Hold it on one side and carefully pull upwards until it clicks into place. Repeat for the other side.

You do not need to lift the levers up when raising the height of the basket back up



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