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Integrated Models with Remote (NZ AU) Only - Custom Front Panel Calculations

Details and illustrates the front panel specifications for integrated models with remote.

Front Panel Specifications

  • 16-20 mm panel thickness
  • Maximum weight of panel: 9 kg
  • Adequately sealed to withstand moisture (50°C @ 80% RH). Because of it being a hot and wet environment generally, the back and sides of the panel should be completely sealed with a waterproof vapour barrier (ie polyurethane) to prevent damage to the panel.
  • The back of the panel (including any integrated handle) should be completely flush so that the seal between the panel and the rubber trim is maintained.

The following calculations assume the top of the panel is aligned with the top of the adjacent cabinetry:

Width of the Panel

Measure A (the width between adjacent door/drawer fronts) and write it in the first box below, the complete the equation.

Height of the Panel

Measure B and write it in the first box below, then complete the equation.


When the top of the dishwasher has to be lower than the adjacent cabinetry, the panel can be increased in height.

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