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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Preference Options


You can change the setting of these options to suit your preferences or circumstances. We recommend selecting the most suitable settings before you start using your dishwasher.

Option Rinse Aid

Water Softener

(Some Models Only)

Open Drawer Auto Power-On

(Suitable as a Sabbath Option)

Turn Tones OFF

Closed Drawer


What does it do? Regulates the amount of rinse aid  dispensed.  Reduce this setting if there is excess foam after a wash.  Increase this setting if dishes are wet or streaky after a wash. Refer to the ‘Water softener’ section of the ‘User guide’ for details. Your dishwasher is factory-set  to automatically power on for 30  seconds whenever you open the drawer.  You can turn this setting off. This turns all tones off except for fault alerts. When this setting is on, the drawer will automatically lock 30 seconds after it’s closed.  It can then be unlocked by pressing and holding Start_Pause Button.JPG on the  dishwasher door. Useful in boats or motor homes.


How to Change the Setting of an Option

1. Check
Check that there is no wash underway, then open the drawer.
2. Enter Menu
To enter the menu: Press Forward Button.JPG and Wash Modifier Selector.PNG hold the and together for four seconds.

  • You are now in the Rinse aid option of the preference options menu.
  • To change the Rinse aid setting, go to step 4 now.

3. Scroll to Option
Press Wash Modifier Selector.PNG to scroll to the next option. The wash modifier indicators will display which option is selected (see table below).
When you have scrolled to the end of the sequence, the menu will start again with Rinse aid.
4. Change Settings
Press Forward Button.JPG to change the setting within an option.
The wash program indicators will display which setting is selected (see table below).
5. Save Setting & Quit Menu
Press ► to save the new setting and quit the preference options menu.
Double models only:
You can use either drawer to change the settings. Changing the settings in one tub will set your preferences for the whole dishwasher.


Option Rinse Aid

Water Softener

(some models only)

Open Drawer Auto Power-On 

(suitable as a Sabbath Option)

Tones at end of Wash Closed Drawer Autolock
Which option am I in? Pref Options example (3).JPG Pref Options example (4).JPG Pref Options example (5).JPG Pref Options example (6).JPG Pref Options example (7).JPG
Possible settings 0 to 5 (max) 0 to 5 (max) On of Off On of Off On of Off
Example Pref Options - Example.JPG


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