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Product Dimensions



Product Dimensions DD60DA (mm) DD60DC (mm)
A.  Overall height of product1 820-8802 820-8802
B.  Overall width of product 599 599
C.  Overall depth of product 573 573
D.  Depth of chassis (to back of front drawer panel) 553 553
E.  Depth of drawer front panel 20 20
F.  Height of chassis1 811 811
G.  Height of drawer front panels 712 712
H.  Height of upper drawer front panel 393 393
I.  Height of lower drawer front panel 312 312
J.  Height from top of drawer front panel to top of chassis 8 8
K.  Ventilation gap between drawer front panels 7 7
L.  Height of toekick (customisable) 70-120 72-127
M.  Depth from front of drawer panel to front of toekick (adjustable)3 N/A 38-54
N.  Height of levelling feet (adjustable) 9-692 9-692
O. Maximum extension of drawer 547 547

1 includes 2mm high bracket slots.

2 depending on adjustment of levelling feet.
3 adjustable to match toekick recess on adjoining cabinetry.

Prod Dim - Front.JPG


Prod Dim - Profile DD60DA.JPG

DD60DA -Profile

Prod Dim - Profile DD60DC.JPG

DD60DC - Profile

Prod Dim - Plan.JPG



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