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Not Turning On



Possible Cause What to Do

Power supply – wall

Switch the power off at the power point, wait 60 seconds and switch on again (this may reset your washer). Press POWER.

Power supply – household

Either test the power point by plugging in a dif­ferent appliance, or by plugging your washer into a different power point.

Keylock may be activated The washer will still power on using the POWER button when Keylock is activated. Press and hold the ‘Keylock’ button for 2 seconds, or 3 seconds (depending on your washer model) to deactivate 'Keylock'. See the 'Wash Cycle Options' or 'Safety Features' section in your User Guide.
Electrical cord not plugged into a power socket properly Make sure the Plug is correctly inserted into the power point.


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