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Possible Cause What to Do
Mixed fabrics Some fabrics collect lint (e.g. synthetics, polyester cottons) while others give off lint (e.g. towels, nappies). Dry lint collectors and givers separately.
  • Try drying an average sized load with items of a similar weight.
  • Remove some items from the Dryer.
Lint filter not cleaned or replaced Ensure the lint filter is cleaned after every cycle and replaced correctly.  Refer to 'Caring for your Dryer' in your User Guide.
Loads not sorted correctly Dry lint givers separately from lint receivers. Refer to 'Sorting & Loading' in your User Guide. Also, dry similar colours together eg light coloured items with light coloured items, dark items with dark items.  
New towels or flannelette sheets can leave lint in the dryer, which may be picked up by subsequent loads. Clean the lint filter and use "Air Dry' or 'Cool Air' cycle (if available)  to clear any remaining lint from the dryer.
New items have been dried in the dryer recently New towels or flannelette sheets can leave lint in the dryer, which  may be picked up by subsequent loads.
Static electricity can attract lint See suggestions in this section under ‘Static occurs’.
Paper, tissue, etc, left in pockets Empty all pockets before laundering clothes.
Clothes over dried Over drying clothes in the dryer can cause them to attract lint. Use an auto sensing cycle or ensure you check your load if using the time dry cycles to avoid over drying.  Refer to 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.

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