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Fabric Damage



Possible Cause What to Do
Delicate items not dried on an appropriate cycle Dry delicate items on ‘Delicate’ or ‘Rack Dry’ cycles. Refer to 'Sorting & Loading' and 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.
Metal parts on the items or in the load Fasten zips and other clasps before placing items in the dryer.
Items not separated or dried on an appropriate cycle for the fabric type Dry similar items together. Ensure an appropriate cycle is selected.  Refer to 'Sorting & Loading' and Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.
Items fell off the rack when using ‘Rack Dry’. Ensure the rack is installed correctly, refer to 'Sorting & Loading'  - Drying Rack'  in your User Guide,  and only one or two garments are placed on the rack at a time.
‘Dry Temp’ or ‘Dryness Level’ selected not appropriate for the fabric type. Ensure the ‘Dry Temp’ and ‘Dryness Level’ selected is appropriate for the fabric type. Refer to the items care label. Refer to 'Drying Cycle Options' in your User Guide.
Used a ‘Time Dry’ cycle and did not monitor the dryness of clothes during the cycle. Ensure that clothes are checked for dryness during the cycle when using the timed programmes to avoid over drying. Refer to 'Drying Cycles' in your User Guide.
Instructions on care label not followed. Follow the instructions on the care label of the items

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