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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Connecting to Your Appliance



Once you have downloaded the App, use the following process to connect to your Appliance.


Adding your Appliance


  1. Turn on your Device Location
  2. Open the App, then select 'Add Appliance'
Add Appliance.jpg


  1. Select the Brand of your Appliance e.g Fisher & Paykel or Haier, then press Next.

Add Appliance_2.jpg

Select Brand.jpg

4. A list of Appliances will then show, please select your Product.

Note-Icon.png The appliance will firstly need to be connected to the App and then to Wi-Fi. This process can take up to 10 minutes. Once it is completed, you will see the message “Enjoy your connected appliance!”


Connecting your Device

  • Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned On
  • Ensure you are within 3 metres from your Appliance


There will be 5 or 6 steps to follow depending on your Appliance.

Step 1

Example: LCD Oven Example: LCD Laundry Example: DishDrawer Example: Column Refrigeration
Connecting Device_Step 1_LCD Oven.jpg Connecting Device_Step 1_LCD Laundry.jpg Connecting Device_Step 1_Dishdrawer.jpg Connecting Device_Step 1_Column Refrigeration.jpg


Step 2

  • Once Wi-Fi mode is enabled and the Wi-Fi LED is flashing on the machine, the customer will then be prompted to connect to the appliance’s Wi-Fi module.
  •  If the Wi-Fi mode is not flashing, you will need to re-press the button combination as advised by the SmartHQ App.
  • If you are using a LCD/TFT screen, then you will need to navigate using the ‘Setup’ option.
Note-Icon.png The app will advise you are now on Step Two.
Connecting Device_Step 2.jpg


  • On your Device, go to Settings - Wi-Fi Settings and select ‘GE XXX – XXX’ then navigate back to the SmartHQ app.
  • Then select Next in the App.


Step 3 

  • The app will advise you are now on Step Three


Connecting Device_Step 3.jpg


  • You will now be prompted to enter the appliance network password. The App will tell the you where to find it.
  • Once the appliance network password has been entered, you will then be prompted to select ‘Next’ and enter your home Wi-Fi and password and select ‘Connect’.


Step 4 

Note-Icon.png The app will advise you are now on Step Four


Connecting Device_Step 4.jpg


  • You will now be prompted to select your Home Wi-Fi and password, click Connect.
Note-Icon.png It can take some time for the Wi-Fi to populate in the App.
The below message can be displayed on some Apple devices, depending on the settings.
Connecting Device_Step 4_connection message.jpg


Step 5

  • The App will advise that it is 'Communicating' 

Be aware, this step could take up to 10 minutes to finish, please be patient while the final steps are being completed.

Connecting Device_Step 5.jpg

This is the Final step, once complete, you are now connected.





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