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Small Puddle of Water Coming from Under the Machine


Possible Cause What to Do
Water tank not correctly in place Ensure the water tank is correctly in place.
Water tank may need to be emptied Empty the water tank after every cycle.
Water tank may be damaged Check the water tank for any signs of damage.
Drain hose may not be attached properly at the machine end Ensure the drain hose is connected properly. Refer to 'Installation Instructions' in your User Guide.
Drain hose could be damaged Check the drain hose for damage.
Drain hose has slipped out of the drain Ensure the drain hose is securely fixed in place. Sometimes drain hoses can move or get displaced, which may lead to water draining onto the floor.
Drain may be blocked Check the drain for any blockages, and clear before trying again.
Dryer door not closing properly, affecting the seal Ensure the dryer door is closed properly and there is nothing obstructing the door opening.

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