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Dryer Stopping Midcycle



Possible Cause What to Do
Under-loading The dryer’s sensors may not detect very small dry loads. Try drying an average sized load or selecting a dry time instead.
Power failure Press 'Power' and restart the desired cycle.
Dryer has been paused Touch the 'Star/Pause' button to restart the cycle
Dryer door is open Ensure the door is firmly shut.
Water tank full or not properly in place (Condenser Models only) Refer to ‘Emptying the water collection tank’.  Ensure the water tank is properly in place.
Items fell off the rack when using ‘Rack Dry’ or ‘Wool’ cycles (some models only) Ensure the rack is installed correctly refer to ‘Sorting and loading’ or ‘Drying rack’ in your User Guide, replace garments that may have fallen from it.
Environmental conditions may be affecting dryer operation In particularly cold conditions, the room temperature may be too cold for the dryer to run efficiently.


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