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ActiveSmart™ Special Features


SmartTouch Control Panel

The control panel is located in the inside front of the refrigerator. It enables you to view and modify all the features and options of your refrigerator.

SmartTouch control panel variants for ActiveSmart™  refrigerators. Special features available only on selected models.

Special Features_Control Panel#!.PNG

Special Features_Control Panel#2.PNG


SmartTouch Control Panel Features
Compartment.PNG Compartment Allows you to select which compartment to adjust the
Alarm_Bell.PNG Alarm mute Deactivates the door alarm for 20 minutes.
Minus_Lower Button.PNG Colder Reduces the temperature of compartments.
Plus_Higher Button.PNG Warmer Increases the temperature of compartments.
Fast Freeze.PNG Fast Freeze Boosts the freezing speed by dropping the freezer to its coldest temperature for 12 hours.
Bottle.PNG Bottle Chill Allows you to rapidly chill your beverage for a set time of 15 minutes.
Icemaker on button.PNG Ice On/Off Indicates when automatic ice maker is on or off.
Ice Boost.PNG Ice Boost Increases ice production up to 30% from standard ice
Key Lock.PNG Key lock Indicates when the buttons on the control panel are disabled.
Filter.PNG Filter change indicator Icon will illuminate indicating when the water filter requires changing.
Sabbath_Mode_Small.PNG Sabbath mode All alarms, lights and displays are deactivated for 80 hours.
Key Mute.PNG Key mute Deactivates sounds of all button presses.


External Display (Water Dispensing Models Only)

This display enables you to lock the water dispenser, indicates to you when ‘Bottle Chill’ is activated and when your water filter requires changing.

Special Features_Elec external disp .PNG

Electronic External Display


External Display Features
Dispenser Lock.PNG Dispenser lock button and LED light Locks/unlocks the water dispenser.
When locked the LED above the button will illuminate.
Bottle.PNG Bottle Chill indicator Icon will illuminate indicating when ‘Bottle Chill’ is
activated and flashes when beverage is ready.
Filter.PNG Filter change indicator Icon will illuminate indicating when water filter
requires changing.


Variable Temperature Zone

Special Features_Variable Temp Zone.PNG

Variable Temperature Zone Control Panel

Food Modes Control Panel
Freezer.PNG Freezer
Freezer mode allows for additional storage from your
freezer for general frozen food items. Refer to 'Storing Food in Your Freezer' for more information on recommended freezer storage times.
Soft Freeze.PNG Soft Freeze
Soft Freeze mode is an extension of your refrigerator,
extending the shelf life of your food while maintaining
the quality. Soft freeze allows easy portioning of meats, seafood, soups, sauces, pureed foods, bread, desserts and pastries. Heat, cook or serve foods straight from the compartment without waiting for it to thaw.
Chill.PNG Chill
Chill mode is the perfect mode for storing highly perishable meats, poultry and seafood to ensure they retain their vital freshness. Chill mode also allows for storage of alcoholic beverages such as beer.
Fridge.PNG Fridge
The ideal mode for fresh foods such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products, meats and drinks. Refer to 'Storing Food in Your Refrigerator' for more information on recommended food items and storage information.


Variable Temperature Zone

Selecting the Food Mode:

‘Food Mode’ enables you to change the setting of the Variable Temperature Zone — Freezer, Soft Freeze, Chill, Fridge.

Changing the Food Mode:

  • Unlock the Variable Temperature Zone display by pressing and together for 4 seconds
  • Change the mode by pressing the
  • ‘Food Mode’ scrolls from left to right (coldest setting to warmest setting)
  • The ‘Food Mode’ selected will illuminate The Variable Temperature Zone display will automatically lock after 10 seconds or once the compartment is closed.


Adjusting the Temperature

Each ‘Food Mode’ will automatically default to the recommended temperature setting for this food mode. Once you have selected the required ‘Food Mode’ the temperature can be adjusted as desired.

The default temperature for each ‘Food Mode’ will show as one illuminated light in the centre of the scale. Adj Temp Mode #1.png
To increase the temperature of your selected ‘Food Mode’ press Plus_Higher Button.PNG.
Each light displayed will increase the temperature setting slightly. When all three lights on the right are showing this is the warmest setting.
Adj Temp Mode #2.png
To decrease the temperature of your selected ‘Food Mode’ pressMinus_Lower Button.PNG
Each light displayed will decrease the temperature setting slightly. When all three lights on the left are showing this is the coldest setting.
Adj Temp Mode #3.png
If you adjust the temperature for a ‘Food Mode’ this adjustment will be remembered for the next time you use this ‘Food Mode’. For example if you select freezer as the ‘Food Mode’ and adjust the temperature to the coldest setting, the next time you use the compartment as freezer it will remember your setting.


Key Lock

  • The Variable Temperature Zone display can be locked by pressing Plus_Higher Button.PNGandMinus_Lower Button.PNGtogether for 3 seconds.
  • When locked the KeyLock 2.PNGicon will illuminate.
  • Deactivate by pressingPlus_Higher Button.PNGandMinus_Lower Button.PNGtogether for 4 seconds.
  • The display will automatically lock after 10 seconds or once the compartment is closed.




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