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Product & Cavity Dimensions



Prod Dim_Front View.PNG


Prod Dim_Profile View.PNG




Product Dimensions

A. Overall height of product* 2130
B. Overall width of product 906
C. Overall depth of product (without door panels) 606

* Includes mounted feet

Important-Icon.png For ease of installation, ensure cavity width is consistent top to bottom and height is consistent left to right.


Prod Dim_Plan View.PNG


Prod Dim_Custom Flush View.PNG
Note-Icon.png Image shows custom panel flushed with edge of cabinetry


Cavity Dimensions

D. Overall height of cavity (for refrigerator using RD9120 door panel set)** 2032
E. Overall height of cavity (for refrigerator using RD9121 door panel set)** 2134
F. Overall width of cavity 914
G. Overall depth of cavity (for flush installation) 635
H. Overall depth of cavity (for proud installation) 629
I. Minimum cabinetry gap clearance from edge of product 4
J. Minimum required finished return (side and top cavity) min. 127

** Supplied top trim enables cavity height to be either 2032mm or 2134mm.

*** Assumes a door panel thickness of 19mm

For integrated installation, ensure finished return dimensions are as shown.




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