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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using your appliance

Setting and adjusting the time 

  • After connecting your appliance or after a long period without it being connected to the mains, the “” button will flash on the display.
To set the time on the clock  Display 
  • Set the time using the + and - buttons then validate by pressing the  button. 
When the time has to be changed  Display 
  • Press the button then press  twice. The time will flash. Program the new time (e.g. 7:30) using the + and - buttons.
  • Validate by pressing  .
  • A beep will be emitted to confirm that the new time has been set. 

Adjusting the contrast 

Programming  Display 
  • Press the  button then a few seconds later press  , until the indication -CO- appears on the display.
  • Adjust the contrast using the + or - buttons and validate with the  button. 

Timer Function

Programming  Display 
  • You can program the “Timer” function of your oven. Press the  button then  .
  • Adjust the programming time using the - / + buttons, for example 1 minute. Validate by pressing  . The display shows the time again but the countdown starts.
  • Once the time has ended, the timer emits a series of beeps to warn you. These beeps can be stopped by pressing any button. 


Immediate Steaming 

Your oven has 8 steaming functions: 

  • In all cases, do not start the oven without water in the tank. 

 Cooking with immediate start and timer programmed at 100°C: 

Programming  Display 
  • Press the  button then the + button to select the required function, here  , (100°C).
  • Validate using the  button to access adjustment of the cooking time. 

Setting the cooking time if necessary: 

  •  flashes (pre-programmed time).
  • Adjust by pressing the + or - buttons. E.g.: 30 minutes 
  • Validate by pressing the  button. 

Adjusting the temperature 

  • Press the  button, " " flashes. 
  • Adjust by pressing the - button to change the temperature.
  • E.g.: 80°C
  • Make sure that your door is properly closed.
  • Validate your choice by pressing the  button then press the same button again to start the cooking.
  • Your oven will start up and count down minute by minute.
  • If necessary, stop the cooking by pressing  for one second. 




  • This appliance is designed to operate with the door closed. 


  • In order not to alter the cooking results, do not open the door of the appliance during cooking. 


Pre-programmed cooking times for the different functions 

Cooking Temperature °C 

Pre-programmed time 

Minimum adjustment time 

Maximum adjustment time 


25 min 5 min 1 hour 
 85 15 min 5 min  1 hour 
 75 15 min  5 min  1 hour 
 90 20 min  5 min  1 hour 
 95 30 min 5 min  1 hour 
 80 15 min 5 min  1 hour 
 55 30 min  5 min  1 hour 
 60 30 min 5 min  1 hour 

Shutdown during cooking 

  • At any time, you can stop cooking by pressing the  button (hold it down for around 1 second).
  • If the steam generation has not yet started (around 1 minute), the oven will stop immediately and the time will disappear.
  • If the steam generation has already started, the time changes to 3 minutes and a countdown will start, with the steam being evacuated prior to opening. 

At the end of cooking 

  •  flashes. Emission of intermittent beeps for 3 minutes.
  • To stop the beeps, press the  button or open the door. 
  • The tank MUST be emptied.  

Water Management  

In the event of a problem connected with the water circuit during cooking, the  symbol flashes and a beep sounds. This fault is connected with:

  • an empty tank.
  • an incorrectly fitted tank. 
  • After checking these two points, close the door again and restart cooking by pressing the  button. 

Programmed cooking

Delayed cooking with end of cooking time selected: 
Delayed cooking is possible in all cases except for the defrost functions: 

Programming  Display 
  • The procedure is the same as for immediate cooking then, after validating the cooking time,
  • Press the , button twice. The end of cooking time is displayed and flashes to show that adjustment is now possible.
  • For example: It is 12:30.
  • You have programmed a cooking time of 25 min. The end of cooking time displayed is 12:55.
  • Adjust the end of cooking time by pressing the + or - buttons
  • For example: End of cooking 14:00.
  • Validate by pressing the  button.
  • An animation takes place intermittently after a few minutes, indicating that delayed cooking is in progress.
  • After these actions, the start of heating is delayed so that the cooking ends at 14:00.
  • At the end of cooking (end of programmed time), The oven shuts down
  • The cooking time indicator flashes at 0:00.
  • A series of beeps is emitted for several minutes. These beeps can be definitively stopped by pressing the  button.
  • The display shows the time of day. 


  • At any time you can view or modify the end of cooking by pressing the  button. To cancel your programming if you wish, press the  button.

Child Safety 

You can program the “CHILD SAFETY” function to prevent unauthorised start-up of your oven. 

Programming  Display 
  • With the oven switched off,
  • Press the  button
  • Then the  button for 5 seconds.
  • Two beeps are emitted to confirm that your oven is temporarily locked.
  • An indication  appears at the top left of the display. No program is now available.
  • To cancel:
  • Press the  button for 5 seconds. The indication  disappears and the clock is displayed.
  • Two beeps are emitted to confirm the procedure. 



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