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Customising Beverages



Drinks can be customised by altering the strength and size of coffee delivered.

As part of customising the settings, coffee and milk will be delivered. So place a cup or container below the spouts.
  1. Make sure the profile you want to customise is active. The current active profile will be displayed on the home screen. To change the active profile, select the profile on display, then select from one of the six profile icons you would like to make active. This will allow you to modify the drink options for that profile. You can select MY beverages for each of the six profiles.
  2. From the home screen, press MY.PNG.
  3. To access the customising screen, choose the beverage you want to customise. The corresponding accessories must be inserted.
  4. For beverages with coffee only CHOOSE COFFEE STRENGTH:

Select the required strength by pressing Minus_coffee.PNG or Plus_Coffee.PNG and press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG.

  1. CUSTOMISING COFFEE OR WATER QUANTITY, STOP TO SAVE: Delivery begins and on the display a vertical bar indicates the amount of coffee being delivered. The circle symbol alongside the bar indicates the current setting.
  2. When the amount reaches the minimum quantity you can set, CANCEL is displayed.
  3. When the desired quantity in the cup is reached, press CANCEL.

The appliance confirms if the values have been saved or not. Press Tick_Select Button for Oven.PNG

  • Cappuccino and milk-based coffees: the coffee strength is saved first, followed by the size of first milk, then coffee.
  • HOT WATER: When the appliance delivers hot water. Press CANCEL to save the required size.
  • Press BACK to exit. The values will not be saved.


Beverage Size 


Standard (ml) Programmable (ml)
Espresso 40 20 – 80
Long 160 115 – 250
Coffee 180 100 – 240
Double espresso 120 80 – 180
Hot water 250 20 – 420




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