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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Operating Instructions


Selecting the Food Mode Forward Button.JPG

  • Select the desired compartment.
  • Press Forward Button.JPG to scroll through the available modes. The light next to the name of the ‘Food Mode’ will illuminate as you scroll to indicate which mode is selected.

Adjusting the Temperature

Each ‘Food Mode’ will automatically default to the recommended temperature setting.
Once you have selected the compartment and required ‘Food Mode’, the temperature can be adjusted as desired.

  • To increase the temperature of your selected ‘Food Mode’, press + .
  • To decrease the temperature of your selected ‘Food Mode’, press - .

Selecting Features Wash Modifier Selector.PNG

Pressing Wash Modifier Selector.PNG will scroll through the available ‘Features’ for the compartment and mode you have selected. A blinking light indicates the current position when scrolling through
the list.
To activate/deactivate a feature:

  • Select the feature from the list, by scrolling through and stopping at the feature you wish to use.
  • Press Wash Modifier Selector.PNG for 2 seconds.

Bottle Chill

An alarm will sound, ‘Bottle Chill’ will flash and will illuminate after the elapsed time to remind you to remove your beverage.
To silence the alarm:

  • Press Wash Modifier Selector.PNG once.
  • The time taken to chill depends on the size of your beverage. If your beverage is not cold enough after the set time, return it to the compartment and reset the ‘Bottle Chill’ feature.

Automatic Ice Maker (Freezer Only)

Before turning on your automatic ice maker, the water filter must be installed (refer to your installation guide) and flushed to remove any impurities or trapped air in the filter system.

  1. Turn your Ice maker on, refer to ‘Selecting Features’.
  2. Press the Bell image.PNG , - and + together for 4 seconds then close the doors. The ice tray will empty the water into the bin below. The ice tray will only empty after the doors are closed.
  3. Repeat step 2 to remove dust in the ice tray collected during manufacture and transport.
  4. Empty the water, dry the bin and return it correctly.
  5. Once your ice maker is turned on the first bin of ice may be discolored, this is not harmful and normal during the flushing process. Discard the first full bin of ice made.  Your ice maker is now ready for use.  
    • The performance of your water filter will increase with use, reaching optimum performance after four to five full bins of ice.

Turn the ice maker off if:

  • There is no water supply for several hours.
  • You are removing the ice storage bin for a period of time.
  • You are going on holiday/vacation.

Water Filter Filter.PNG

The water supplied to your appliance for ice making is filtered to remove impurities through a filter located the bottom front of your appliance. Replace your filter cartridge every 6 months.

  • There is a replacement indicator icon Filter.PNG on the control panel which will appear when the filter needs replacing.
  • Replacement filter cartridges can be purchased online from or by calling Fisher & Paykel Customer Care. Details of the replacement filter cartridge are

labeled on the cartridge. Instructions on how to install your replacement water filter are provided with the filter.
To reset the filter indicator:

  • Press Bell image.PNG and + together for 4 seconds.
  • The Filter.PNG on the control panel will turn off when reset.

Alarm Mute Bell image.PNG

  • To activate, press Bell image.PNG once.
  • The light above Bell image.PNG will illuminate to indicate the appliance is muted.
  • If the doors are left open for 5 minutes or more, the compartment light turns off and normal door alarms are suspended.
  • ‘Alarm Mute’ will deactivate after 20 minutes.
  • To deactivate manually, press Bell image.PNG again.
  • Closing the door also deactivates the ‘Alarm Mute’.

Sabbath Mode Sabbath Mode Image #5.PNG

When activated — the display, all alarms and lights are deactivated for 80 hours.

  • To activate Sabbath mode, press Sabbath Image #2.PNGBell image.PNG and together for 4 seconds.
  • The Sabbath Mode Image #5.PNG icon on the control panel will illuminate.
  • To deactivate manually, press Sabbath Image #2.PNGBell image.PNG and together for 4 seconds
Note-Icon.png If you turn off your appliance while in Sabbath mode, it will resume automatically once the appliance is switched on again.

Key Mute

 Key mute allows you to silence all button presses.

  • To activate key mute, press Bell image.PNG for 2 seconds, a single confirmation beep will be heard.
  • Once key mute is activated, all key sounds are silenced.
  • Door alarms and the ‘Bottle Chill’ alarm are still operational.
  • To deactivate, press Bell image.PNG for 2 seconds, a single confirmation beep will be heard.

Key Lock Kay Lock.PNG

‘Key Lock’ allows you to disable the buttons on the control panel. This is useful when cleaning your appliance.

  • To activate ‘Key Lock’, press Sabbath Image #2.PNG for 2 seconds.
  • The Kay Lock.PNG icon on the control panel will illuminate.
  • To deactivate, press Sabbath Image #2.PNG for 2 seconds.
  • The Kay Lock.PNG icon will not illuminate.

Door Alarms

  • If the door is left open, the alarm will beep after 60 seconds.
  • If the door remains open, subsequent beeps will sound every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.
  • If the door remains open for 5 minutes or longer, an alarm will sound continuously and the interior compartment light(s) will turn off.


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