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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

First use



  sets the timer
 sets the cooking time
 sets the stop time for automatic cooking
  set the oven temperature /
   select Celsius or Fahrenheit
   decreases the time and temperature
  increases the time and temperature


    Fig. 21 Clock display and control buttons

Illuminated symbols

If the display shows It means that... For more information
flashing 12:00 The clock needs to be set. See instructions below

steadily lit The oven is set for automatic cooking.

See section ‘Automatic cooking

flashing and beeping Automatic cooking has finished
steadily lit The timer is set See section ‘Using the electronic timer
steadily lit The oven is heating up See section ‘Using your oven

To set the clock

When the power to the appliance is turned on or restored after a power failure 12:00 will flash in the display

  1. Press  and  together - the display will stop flashing. The clock is now set for 12:00.
  2. Press  and  together again to change the time. The display will flash
  3. Press  and  to set the time. After a few minutes the display will be steadily lit, showing the time is set.

To change the time

  1. Press  and  together. The display will flash.
  2. Press  and to set the time.

After a few seconds the display will remain steadily lit, showing the time is set.

Remove the side racks to fit the Catalytic panels (if not already fitted)

  1. Remove all shelves and trays.
  2. For easier access to the fixing screws, you may remove the oven door first. See ‘Removing and refitting the oven door’ in 'Care and Cleaning'.
  3. Remove the side racks on both sides:
  4. Using a small coin or a flat-head screwdriver, loosen and remove both fixing screws.
  5. Gently remove the side rack.

Fig. 22 Refitting the side racks

Fitting the Catalytic panels

  1. Fit the catalytic panel. When fitting the catalytic panel make sure that
    - the arrows are pointing upwards
    -the panel with the hole in it is on the right oven wall.

Refitting the side racks

  1. To refit the side racks
    - make sure that they are the right way up, as in the illustrations, and that you tighten the fixing screws.
  2. If not already fitted, fit the telescopic sliding shelf supports. See “Care and cleaning’ for instructions.
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