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Drying cycles


Your dryer has a number of drying cycles to suit your laundry needs. Selecting the most appropriate cycle for each particular load will help ensure you get the best result.

Cycle Designed For Description Max. Load Size (KG) Default Dryness Level* Default Temperature
Everyday** Everyday cotton clothing High heat cycle for rapid drying of everyday clothing. 8 Dry High
Heavy Heavy durable garments, eg tea towels, jerseys, rugby shorts, jeans. Longer, high heat cycle for heavy fabrics and denims. 8 Dry High
Delicate Delicate clothing items, eg silk and fine fabrics. Short, cool cycle for carefully drying delicate and heat sensitive fabrics. 4 Damp/Dry Low
Easy Iron Business shirts and clothing that creases easily. Short medium heat cycle with the Wrinkle Free option selected for easily creasable items. 4 Damp/Dry Medium
Sheets Sheets, pillowcases and duvet/doona covers. High heat cycle with reversing, to improve the movement of large items such as sheets and duvet/doona covers and help reducing tangling. 4 Dry High
Rack Dry Items that cannot be tumbled, eg shoes, delicate jerseys. Specifically for using the drying rack so you can dry items flat without them tumbling. 1 – 2 items n/a Low
Freshen Items that have been in storage or have not been worn/used for some time. A short cycle with a burst of  heat followed by cool air to help de-wrinkle and refresh items. 1–3 items n/a High
Time Dry 30 Clothes that you wish to dry for a specific time period. 30 minute timed cycle. 8 n/a High
Time Dry 60 Clothes that you wish to dry for a specific time period. 60 minute timed cycle. 8 n/a High
Time Dry 90 Clothes that you wish to dry for a specific time period. 90 minute timed cycle. 8 n/a High
Air Dry Clothes that you wish to dry without heat for a specific time period. 40 minute tumble with no heat. 8 n/a No Heat

* Dryness level is only an option on automatic sensing cycles. On ‘Time Dry’ and the ‘Rack Dry’ cycle, dryness will vary depending on the load and its initial moisture content.

** Everyday, Dry, High dry temp is the recommended cycle for everyday cotton items.

Timed programs (Time Dry 30, 60, 90) 

The machine dries for the selected time regardless of the level of moisture in your clothes. It is important to check the clothes throughout the timed programmes to avoid over drying.

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