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Making Coffee Using Coffee Beans

  1. The appliance is preset to make coffee with a normal taste. You can also choose coffee with an extramild, mild, strong or extra-strong taste. There is also a pre-ground coffee option.
    To choose the required taste, press the 2017-07-07_1005_002.png icon (B4) (fig. 7). The required coffee taste is displayed.
  2. Place 1 cup under the spouts to make 1 coffee (fig. 8) or 2 cups for 2 coffees (fig. 9). Lower the spouts as near as possible to the cup for a creamier coffee (fig. 10).
  3. Press the 2017-07-07_1005_003.png icon (B5) (fig. 11) to select the type of coffee: espresso, small cup, medium cup, large cup, mug. Now press the 2017-07-07_1006_001.png icon (B10) (fig. 12) if you want to make a coffee and the 2017-07-07_1006_002.png icon (B11) (fig. 13) if you want to make 2 coffees. The appliance now grinds the beans and starts delivering the coffee into the cup.
    Once the set amount of coffee has been delivered, the machine stops delivery automatically and expels the exhausted waste coffee into the waste coffee container.
  4. After a few seconds, the appliance is ready for use again.
  5. To turn the appliance off, press the ON/OFF/stand-by button (A7) (fig. 1). (Before going off, the appliance performs an automatic rinse cycle. Take care to avoid scalds).

Tips for a hotter coffee

  • Proceed as described in the section "Changing and setting menu parameters","Rinse" function.
  • Unless preheated, do not use excessively thick cups as they will absorb too much heat.
  • Preheat the cups by rinsing them with hot water. 
  • Coffee delivery can be interrupted at any moment by re-pressing the previously selected icon which remains lit during the operation. 
  • As soon as delivery is finished, to increase the quantity of coffee in the cup, just keep pressing the previously selected icon within 3 seconds after delivery has finished.
  • When the appliance displays “FILL TANK”, fill the tank with water or the appliance will not deliver coffee. (It is normal for there to be a little water left in the tank).
  • After about 14 single (or 7 double) coffees, the  appliance displays “EMPTY WASTE COFFEE CONTAINER”.

    To clean, open the service door on the front of  the appliance by pulling the spout (fig. 16),  extract the drip tray (fig. 17) and clean.  When cleaning, always extract the  drip tray completely.

When extracting the drip tray, the waste coffee container MUST always be emptied. If this is not done, the machine may be clogged. 

  • Never extract the water tank while the machine is delivering coffee. If it is removed, it will not be possible to make the coffee and the appliance will display “GROUND TOO FINE ADJUST MILL AND PRESS OK” and then “FILL TANK”. Check the level of water in the tank and replace in the appliance. To turn the machine on again, press the OK icon (B9). “HOT WATER PRESS OK” is displayed. Press the OK icon (B9) within a few seconds and deliver water from the cappuccino maker for about 30 seconds. When delivery stops, the basic modes are displayed again.

The coffee maker may request the operation to be repeated a number of times until the air is completely elminated from the hydraulic circuit.


 If this operation is not performed correctly or if the machine is turned off, the basic modes may be displayed, although the problem is in fact still present.

 Changing the quantity of coffee in the cup

The appliance is set by default to automatically make the following types of coffee:

  • espresso
  • small cup
  • medium cup
  • large cup
  • mug
  • To change the quantity, proceed as follows:
  1. Press the 2017-07-07_1005.png icon (B2) to enter the menu (fig. 15). Press the 2017-07-07_1006.png icons (B7) and (B8) (fig. 2) until “PROGRAM COFFEE” is displayed.
  2. Press the OK icon (B9).
  3. Select the type of coffee you want to change by pressing the 2017-07-07_1006.png icons (B7) and (B8).
  4. Press the OK icon (B9) to confirm the type of coffee you want to make.
  5. Use the 2017-07-07_1006.png icons (B7) and (B8) to change the quantity of coffee. The progress bar shows the quantity of coffee selected.
  6. Press the OK icon (B9) again to confirm (or the ESC icon (B6) to cancel the operation).
  7. Press the ESC icon (B6) (fig. 18) twice to exit the menu.

The appliance is now reprogrammed with the new settings and is ready.

Adjusting the coffee mill

The coffee mill is preset in the factory and should not require adjusting. However, if after making the first few coffees you find that delivery is either too fast or too slow (a drop at a time), this can be corrected by adjusting the grinding adjustment knob (fig. 14).


The grinding adjustment knob must only be turned when the coffee mill is in operation.
For slower delivery and creamier coffee, turn one click anticlockwise (finer pre-ground coffee).
For faster delivery (not a drop at a time), turn one click clockwise (coarser pre-ground coffee).

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