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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Solving Operating Problems


Small Puddle of Water coming from Under the Machine

  • The water level is too high for the amount of clothes. This has caused excessive splashing. Select a lower water level (refer to page 26).
  • Large bulky, garments (eg pillows, comforters) can cause splashing. Wash using the DELICATE cycle (refer to pages 25 and 30).

Too many Soap Suds

  • Try using a little less detergent, especially if garments are only lightly soiled.

Wash Water Temperature is not Warm

  • This unique wash system uses two wash phases. The second phase may be cooler than the first to minimize energy use. This is normal and will not affect wash performance.

Wash Time Longer than Usual

  • If water pressure is low, cycle time will increase due to longer fill times. Ensure that the inlet hose filters are not blocked.
  • Check that the washer is not siphoning (refer to page 10).
  • Wash cycle time is appropriate and may be affected by a number of factors (refer to page 18).
  • The out of balance automatic recovery setting may be selected (ie Automatic Recovery is ON) and an out of balance has been detected (refer to page 35).

Small Amount of Water in Basket at End of Cycle

  • It is normal for a small amount of water to discharge from the fill nozzle after a wash.

If the problem persists contact your Fisher & Paykel Dealer or Authorized Service Agent (refer to page 47). 

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