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Caring for your AquaSmart Washer


When You Have Finished the Cycle

  • Turn off the faucets to prevent the chance of flooding should a hose burst.
  • Unplug the washer from the power socket.

Cleaning your AquaSmartTM

Before you start cleaning your AquaSmartTM washer, ensure that it is disconnected from the power (ie unplug from the power socket), or that the Key Lock mode has been activated (refer to page 20).

Cleaning the Control Panel Topdeck and Lid  

Use a soft damp cloth to wipe all surfaces, and wipe dry. Avoid using chemical or scouring cleaners, as these will damage the paint and plastic surfaces of your washer.


The SmartTouchTM control dial (WL4027P model) and lid are not designed to be removable for cleaning. Do not attempt to remove the dial or lid.

Cleaning the Detergent, Fabric Softener and Bleach Dispensers

Wipe out the detergent dispenser with a damp cloth.

The funnels (tops) of both the fabric softener dispenser and
the bleach dispenser click off easily. Simply place a finger down the center and lift. The fabric softener and bleach dispenser compartments are not removable and need to be wiped clean periodically. If the siphon tube on either dispenser looks partially blocked use a cotton bud to clean.


Ensure that the fabric softener and bleach dispenser funnels are replaced correctly after cleaning, before you start your next wash.


429118 Fig.35 Removing Fabric Sof funnel.PNG

Fig.35 Removing the Fabric Softener Funnel

429118 Fig.36 Removing the bleach funnel.PNG

Fig.36 Removing the Bleach Funnel

Cleaning The Inside of Your Washer

It is important that you occasionally clean the inside of your washer. Your AquaSmartTM has a self cleaning cycle specifically for this purpose. We recommend that you use the BASKET CLEAN cycle after every 100 cycles. Your AquaSmartTM will remind you to do this (the BASKET CLEAN cycle icon or LED will flash to alert you). We suggest that you do not have any items in the washer during this cycle.

  1. Add approximately two scoops of a powdered detergent directly into the detergent dispenser.
  2. Touch POWER to power your washer on (if it is not already) and select the BASKET CLEAN cycle.
  3. Touch START/PAUSE to commence the cycle (refer to page 32 for details about the cycle).

Cleaning Your Low Profile Agitator

If your low profile agitator becomes stained we recommend you use household bleach to clean it. Ensure you wear gloves, tip a small amount of household bleach onto a soft cloth and apply to the stain. Do not tip the bleach directly onto the low profile agitator. Be careful to avoid metal surfaces of your washer. Leave it to soak in for 10 minutes and repeat. Then put your AquaSmartTM washer through the BASKET CLEAN cycle to remove any residual bleach.

Automatic Lint Disposal System

With AquaSmartTM there is no need to remove messy lint filters. Your AquaSmartTM has a self cleaning lint disposal system. It automatically separates the lint from the wash water as it washes. The lint becomes trapped between the inner basket and outer tub and is flushed out at the end of the wash.

Diaper Sanitizers/Bleach

Diaper sanitizers and bleach are very corrosive to metal surfaces. DO NOT use your AquaSmartTM to soak items in bleach or sanitizer, or tip the contents of the diaper bucket into your washer. Rinse and wring items out thoroughly before placing them in the washer.

Pre-wash Stain Removers

Avoid directly exposing any part of your washing machine to pre-wash fabric stain removers as they can contain aggressive solvents that cause damage to plastic and painted surfaces. Apply stain remover away from your washer, or protect the surface, eg with a towel. If exposure occurs immediately wipe down the lid with warm soapy water, then dry with a clean, dry, soft towel.

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