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Wash Cycle Options


Wash Cycle Options Explained

Once you have selected your wash cycle you may wish to change the default wash options.

High Efficiency

This option lets you choose between a High Efficiency (ie High Efficiency On) and Conventional (ie High Efficiency Off) mode of washing.
Some cycles can be used in either of the modes or only one, depending on what is best for your clothes (refer to page 22).

Wash Temp

  • AquaSmartTM offers five wash temperatures and an additional setting, CONTROLLED COLD.
  • The water temperature is monitored by a sensor which controls hot and cold water inputs to deliver uniform wash temperatures.
  • Simply touch the WASH TEMP button to increase or decrease the wash temperature.
  • We recommend selecting the most suitable wash temperature for the fabric and the type of soil to be removed. Always refer to the item’s care label for the manufacturer’s recommended washing instructions.
  • The temperature option selected determines the temperature of the first phase of the two-part wash system, known as the Detergent Activating Wash (with the exception of the ALLERGY cycle where both parts of the wash are at the user selected temperature).

  • Some temperatures are not available on some cycles as a safeguard for your clothes (eg HOT and WARM / HOT on the DELICATE cycle).

Note-Icon.png If a hot wash is required, where both phases of the wash system are hot, you must select the ALLERGY cycle or the SHEETS cycle and HOT temperature.

Controlled Cold

The temperature of cold faucet water varies widely, depending on your location and the season. The lower the cold water temperature, the less effective the cold wash becomes. To help with this issue we have developed CONTROLLED COLD which adds a small amount of warm water, when necessary, to raise your cold water wash to approximately 68°F (20°C). This will ensure that you receive a more effective wash in cold water. Cold Tap (“tAP”) is the default COLD setting on your washer. If you wish to use the CONTROLLED COLD setting as the default COLD setting, refer to page 40 to learn how to change the default setting.

Soil Level (selected models only)

Your clothes and other washable items sometimes need more or less cleaning than others. The SOIL LEVEL option lets you adjust the wash to suit the amount of soil in your load. For example, for dirty clothes, select HEAVY and for items that are only lightly soiled, select LIGHT. This adjusts the wash time accordingly to give the load the right amount of agitation to remove the soil.

Spin Speed

Your AquaSmartTM washer offers three spin speeds: FAST (maximum 1100 rpm), MEDIUM (670 rpm) and SLOW (330 rpm), plus an additional NO SPIN option. The default spin speed for each cycle can be changed. Note: not all spin speed options are available for some cycles for clothes care reasons. Simply increase or decrease your spin speed by touching the SPIN SPEED button. NO SPIN will end the cycle after the rinse, allowing you to remove drip-dry items before you proceed the washer to its final spin. Once drip-dry items have been removed, touch POWER, select SPIN (change the SPIN SPEED if necessary, eg select SLOW for delicate or creasable items) and touch START/PAUSE.


Your washer will optimize the spin speed according to the level of out-of-balance in the load.

Wash Boost (selected models only)

If you have stains in your wash load you can add a number of short soaks to the wash to help remove these by using the WASH BOOST option. Select the WASH BOOST option to ON.



Use the QUICK option to save time on most cycles. Wash, rinse and spin times of the cycle will be shortened.


The QUICK option is available on selected cycles only. If QUICK is not available for a cycle, your washer will skip over it in the OPTIONS menu.


The SOAK option provides a two hour soak during the middle of the wash phase of the cycle.  The machine will then complete the rest of the cycle. During SOAK, the washer will agitate for a few seconds every minute. To perform a soak during a cycle, simply select SOAK from the OPTIONS menu.

To exit SOAK, touch START/PAUSE and select RINSE. Change the SPIN SPEED if necessary (eg select SLOW if washing delicate, or creasable items) and touch START/PAUSE.


If the SOAK option and QUICK option are selected on any given cycle, the soak time will be reduced to one hour.


Ensure items are colorfast before using soak.


If you wish to use bleach, ensure BLEACH is selected. Your washer will adjust the cycle so that the bleach is dispensed correctly and safely. This also changes the rinse option to ensure thorough removal of any bleach residue.


If you wish to use fabric softener, ensure SOFTENER is selected. This will adjust the rinse part of the cycle so that softener is dispensed correctly.

Delay Start

The DELAY START option can delay the start of the wash cycle between 5 minutes and 18 hours. This can be useful to time your washing to finish when you arrive home from work, or to start once you have finished in the shower. Simply touch the MORE plus.png button to increase the delay time, and LESS  minus.png button (where available) to decrease the time, or turn DELAY START off. Touch START/PAUSE to confirm your selection and start the countdown.


We suggest that you avoid using DELAY START for damp, non-colorfast items as this may cause dye run to occur.

Wash Advance (selected models only)

Sometimes you may not need to run a full wash cycle. Use WASH ADVANCE to advance the current cycle or to start a cycle at a particular stage, ie to complete a rinse and spin or to perform a spin only.

To advance the current cycle, touch START/PAUSE then use the WASH ADVANCE button to advance to RINSE or SPIN.

To start a cycle at RINSE or SPIN touch the WASH ADVANCE button to select either RINSE or SPIN.

429118 Fig.21 Advancing the wash cycle.PNG

Fig.21 Advancing the Wash Cycle (WL4027G)

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