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Leveling the Machine

How to level the washer.

It is Important to level the machine to ensure good spin performance and effective detergent and fabric softener dispensing.

A spirit level is provided with your machine. Use this to level your machine, placing it bottom side down in the locations specified below (ensure the surfaces are clean). The machine is level when the bubble sits in the center, within the two lines.

Your washer is equipped with self-locking feet to ensure they do not move once you have leveled your machine. To adjust the feet, tip the washer back or forward to locate the foot you wish to adjust, pull down gently and then twist to move it up or down to the required level. Repeat if necessary.


After leveling, the corners of the washer should be clear of the floor (by at least 2/5” (10 mm)) and the machine must not rock in any direction.

  1. If not already installed, fit the rubber inserts into all 4 feet on the base of the machine.

  1. Extend all 4 feet by three full turns before moving the machine to its final position.

  1. Move the machine to its final position using the top corners to manoeuvre the product into place (do not push against the center front of the machine). We recommend a minimum clearance of 3⁄4” (20 mm) each side and 2” (50 mm) at the rear of the machine.

  1. With the lid closed, place the spirit level at the center back of the lid (near the control panel). If not level, pull the machine out and adjust the rear feet until the machine is level side to side when in position.

  1. Open the lid. Place spirit level on the flat surface on the left side, inline with the center of the basket. If necessary, adjust the front left foot until the machine is level.

  1. Move the spirit level to the right side, in line with the center of the basket. If necessary, adjust the front right foot until the machine is level, and does not rock. There should be equal weight on both front feet so that neither can be turned by hand when the machine is in position.

  1. Place the spirit level at the center front of the topdeck, forward of the lid lock slot. Check the machine is level. Adjust the front feet again if necessary. Move the spirit level around to all positions once more, checking the machine is level in all areas. Check the machine does not rock side to side, front to back, or corner to corner.

  • Keep your spirit level for the next time you move or reposition your washer.

  • If moving or transporting your washer in the future, ensure you tape the lid down beforehand.  

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