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Install Dryer and the Brackets onto the Dryer

How to Install dryer and brackets.


Electric Shock Hazard.png

Electric Shock Hazard

  • Disconnect power before installing.
  • Failure to do so could result in serious injury or death.

Excess Weight Hazard

  • Use two or more people to install dryer.
  • Avoid tipping and rupture of utility services.
  • Dryer must be securely attached to the washer.
  • DO NOT place the washer on top of the dryer.
  • Failure to do so may result in back or other injury, or property damage.
  1. Lift the dryer on top of the washer. Protect the washer control panel with cardboard or other protection. Be sure to lift the dryer high enough to clear the washer control panel.
  2. Align the holes in the bracket with the holes in the back of the dryer. Using a Phillips screwdriver, attach the 2 long screws.
  3. Tighten the dryer bracket screws; then tighten all Stacking Kit screws.
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