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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Not starting


Possible Cause What to Do

Dishwasher door open

Make sure the door is fully closed before starting.

Keylock turned on

Turn off Keylock as per your User Guide as this function locks the controls.  For DishDrawer Phase 9 (Model numbers ending with a 9), refer to  Video: How to set Keylock on your DishDrawer

Power supply is not connected. Connect the power supply.
The drawer is not closed properly. Ensure the drawer is firmly closed.
Models with three buttons on the front only (Phase 7) Keylock or Childlock feature is on. Turn the Keylock or Childlock off. Hold down the Keylock Image #2.JPGbutton until the Single_PadLock.JPG symbol disappears from the display or the light above the Keylock Image #2.JPG button goes out and/or press the Start_Power Buttons.JPG button to open the drawer. 
Keylock or Childlock feature is on.

Turn the Keylock or Childlock off. See your Quickstart guide for instructions.  

Phase 7 (Model numbers ending in 7) Dishdrawer, as per line above.

Phase 9 (Model numbers ending in 9) Dishdrawer Video: How to Use Keylock on your Dishdrawer

Button not pressed. Press the button.
Dishdrawer is in "Showroom mode".

Show room mode can be exited by turning the power button off on the display , then pressing and
holding the POWER Start Button.JPG and START/PAUSE Start_Pause Button.JPG button for 5 seconds.

The showroom mode will survive a power off at the wall socket, and needs to be manually removed to operate correctly.



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