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Drawer Not Opening


Possible Cause What to Do

Keylock or Childlock is turned on


Turn off Keylock as per your Quickstart Guide as this function locks the controls. You will need to check the instructions for your particular model of DishDrawer™. Click here to find out how to locate your Model Number.

Series 7 (Model numbers ending in 7) DishDrawer™, click here to see how to Use Keylock Feature.

Series 9 (Model numbers ending in 9) DishDrawer™, click here to see how to Use Keylock Feature or refer to Video: How to Use Keylock on Your DishDrawer™.

Closed drawer auto-lock is on

This keeps the drawer locked even after your DishDrawer™ has powered off.

  1. Unlock by powering your DishDrawer™ back on (unless Keylock is activated, see above).
  2. Press any button and open drawer within 30 seconds.
  3. DD*I models only: Knock once on the door and open drawer within 30 seconds
The wash program is still underway. It is in a ‘quiet’ phase that is needed for ensuring the best wash results. No action required. The program will transition into a more audible phase after the ‘quiet’ phase is over.
Lid Closed Feature Is the Lid closed feature enabled, check this your User Guide.

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