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Dishes Are Not Clean



Possible Cause What to Do

Drawer Overloading / Incorrectly Loaded

Remember to spread items evenly leaving plenty of space in between. Also refer to Video: How to Load your DishDrawer™

  • Overloading may stop water from reaching the dishes which will create a poor wash result.

Wash program type / Wash program unsuitable for the load

Certain programs suit certain load types better. e.g Using a shorter wash cycle for heavily soiled dishes will cause a poor wash result.  You will need to check the 'Quick Start Guide' for your particular model of DishDrawer. Click here to find out how to locate your Model Number.

Series 7 (Model Numbers ending in a 7) - Check 'Wash Program Controls' in your Quick Start Guide or Video: How to Select the Right Wash Program for your DishDrawer™

Series 9 (Model Numbers ending in a 9) - Check ''Wash Program Controls' in your Quick Start Guide or Video: How to Select the Right Wash Program for your DishDrawer™

Rinse aid low

If using tablets, check whether they contain rinse aid or the rinse aid dispenser is filled. For DishDrawer™, also refer to Video: How to Add Rinse Aid to your DishDrawer™

Spray arm blocked

Try removing, rinsing, and cleaning the spray arm as per your User Guide.  For DishDrawer™ also refer to Video: How to Check Spray Arm on your DishDrawer™

Spray arm unable to rotate Ensure no items are obstructing the spray arm path, check for any utensils which may have dropped below the base rack.
Detergent put in the wrong compartment of the dispenser Detergent must be placed in the large compartment. For DishDrawerTM, refer to Video: How to Load Detergent in Your DishDrawer™ or How to Load Tablets into your DishDrawer™
Excess food not removed from dinnerware prior to loading Scrape all food scraps off dinnerware prior to loading.  Some heavily soiled items may need to be soaked prior to putting into appliance.

Unsuitable detergent


Not enough detergent

Use detergents suitable for DishDrawerTM, it is important to use a good recognised detergent brand.

See section Adding detergent’ in your User Guide for examples of suitable and unsuitable detergents.

See section ‘Wash programs and detergent quantities’ in your User Guide, or follow the detergent manufacturer’s instructions.

Filter plate/drain filter is blocked


Filter plate/drain filter is incorrectly inserted

Aim to clean your dishwasher at least once per month, including the drain filter plates. 

Series 7 (Model Numbers ending in a 7)

  1. Unplug the dishwasher or turn it off at the power supply
  2. To access the drain filter, lift up the plastic grid above it. Lift and remove the Filter, to replace ensure the drain filter is flush with the filter plate , then lower the plastic grid back into place.

Series 9 (Model Numbers ending in a 9)

  1. Twist the circular drain filter anti/counter clockwise and lift to remove.  It is normal to find some water under it.
  2. Remove the drain filter mesh by pinching one side only and pulling it off.  Do not pinch two sides as this may damage the filter mesh.

Hard Water area

(USA / GB)

If you’re living in a hard water area, try introducing an additive to see if it improves wash performance.
Performance Issue Are you having poor performance on every cycle? or just one? You will need a Service Technician to assist with this - Click Here to schedule a visit.
Installation Make sure the Drain hose has been installed correctly, and not laying too low causing syphoning.  Refer to your Installation Guide for further instructions.


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