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Drying Cycle Options

Once you have selected your drying cycle you may wish to change the default drying options.

Dryness Level

Your AeroCare dryer takes the guess work out of choosing drying times by sensing the dryness of the load. When your dryer senses that the clothes have dried to the dryness level you have selected, the dryer will automatically turn off.

AeroCare offers up to four dryness levels to choose from, depending on what dryer model you have. This allows you to customize how dry you would like your load to be at the end of the cycle.

Choose the dryness level to suit your load depending on how dry you wish your clothes to be. If you find the load is not dry enough, select the next dryness level up. The higher the level, the longer the drying time and the drier your clothes will become.

Damp Damp Dry
(selected models only)
Dry Extra Dry
Suitable for delicate light-weight fabrics and garments you may wish to iron dry An ideal setting for lightweight cotton items that you want less dry Designed to provide items dry enough to be worn immediately Useful for drying items that you wish to store (cupboard dry)

If items are still damp, or too dry at the conclusion of the cycle, next time try a different dryness level setting to customize the dryness level to your personal preference.


When the dryer has sensed that the load is dry it will automatically go into a cool-down phase. During COOLING the drum tumbles and cool air is blown through the clothes. This reduces wrinkling if the clothes are left in the dryer after the cycle has completed.

Fig.50 Cooling

Drying Temp

  • There are up to four drying temperatures you can choose from: High, Medium, Low, Extra Low (available on selected models only).
  • Each drying cycle is set to a default temperature to ensure the best possible fabric care for your clothes.
  • To select a different drying temperature, touch the DRYING TEMP button until the light next to your desired drying temperature is illuminated.
Not all temperatures are available on all cycles, for clothes care reasons.

Fig.51 Drying temperature options

Wrinkle Free

Select the WRINKLE FREE if you wish to minimize wrinkling. At the end of the cycle, the drum will rotate for 30 seconds every 5 minutes circulating cool air through the load to minimize wrinkling and creasing. This is particularly useful if you cannot remove the items immediately after the cycle ends.

WRINKLE FREE can be selected on any cycle (except ENERGY SAVER, RACK DRY and AIR DRY) and can be turned ON or OFF at any time during the cycle by touching START/PAUSE, then WRINKLE FREE to OFF. WRINKLE FREE will operate for a maximum of 24 hours if not stopped beforehand. To stop WRINKLE FREE at any time touch START/PAUSE, or open the door. You can then remove your items. Touch POWER to stop the cycle and turn the dryer off.

After completing each tumble AeroCare will beep to remind you that the load is dry and can be removed.

WRINKLE FREE is automatically selected on the EASY IRON cycle.

Fig.52 WRINKLE FREE option ON

Delay Start (selected models only)

The DELAY START option enables you to delay the start of the drying cycle from between five minutes and 18 hours. Time delays you can select are 5 mins, 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, and then hourly up to 10 hours, then for either 12 hours, 15 hours or 18 hours. This can be useful to time your drying to finish when you arrive home from work, or to start when power rates are lower.

To program a DELAY START, simply touch the DELAY START option button to select ON, then the MORE Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.28.11 PM.png button to increase the delay time and LESS Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.28.30 PM.png button to decrease the time. Touch START/PAUSE to confirm your selection and start the countdown. Once started, the time will countdown on the digital display panel in one minute increments (or one hour increments when the DELAY START time selected is greater than 10 hours). The START/PAUSE light will stop flashing and turn on solid. The dryer will tumble periodically during the delay start countdown.

Touch the DELAY START button to turn DELAY START off.

To cancel a delay start time once it is counting down, simply touch START/PAUSE, then touch the DELAY START button to select OFF to disable the feature. Touch START/PAUSE to start the cycle immediately.

We strongly recommend that you avoid using DELAY START for damp, non-colorfast items as this may cause dye to transfer from one item to another.

Damp/Dry Signal (selected models only)

When your load reaches the DAMP/DRY stage, the dryer will play a musical series of beeps to alert you to remove any items you wish to, and then continue drying until your load reaches the dryness level you selected. This reminds you to remove some items in your load before they become dry, so is ideal for items that tend to crease easily and require ironing, or may shrink when tumble dried.

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