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Drying Rack

The drying rack helps to dry items such as sports shoes, sweaters, hats and stuffed toys – all those delicate items that are best dried without tumbling.

Always use the drying rack when using the RACK DRY cycle where available. Also use a low temperature (a maximum of MED drying temp can be selected only).

If the RACK DRY cycle is not available use TIME DRY and select LOW temperature. Do not exceed MED drying temp.

Fig.53 Drying rack

To install the drying rack, guide the rack (with the end of the rack with the hooks extending closest to you) into the dryer. Hold the back of the rack up towards the top of the drum and hook the rack into the lint filter housing (with the lint filter in place). Lower the rack so the longer ‘legs’ slide down and sit against the front inner of the drum. Ensure the rack sits horizontally in place.

Do not use the AUTOMATIC CYCLES (ie REGULAR, HEAVY, DELICATE, ENERGY SAVER, EASY IRON, BULKY, ALLERGY) when using the drying rack, as the dryer is unable to sense articles placed on the drying rack and therefore cannot determine when articles are dry. Use the RACK DRY cycle when placing items on the drying rack, ensure they do not hang over the edge of the drying rack, as this may result in damage.

The drying rack is available as an accessory. Drying rack part number: WC212D1411G002.

  • Check articles regularly throughout the cycle to avoid over-drying.
  • Do not put other items in the dryer while you are drying items on the drying rack.
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