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The First Time You Turn Your Dryer On


Remove the protective tape from the control panel.



Electric Shock Hazard.png

Electric Shock Hazard

  • To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read and follow the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS outlined in this User Guide before operating this appliance.
  • Failure to do so can result in death, electric shock, fire or injury to persons.



Perfect with your Fisher & Paykel Washer

The dryer combined with the washer’s superior spin performance and quick cycle times will cut laundry turn around time, reducing the time you spend doing laundry.

Superior Clothes Care

Superior clothes care is accomplished by an efficient high airflow fan and careful heat control. Your AeroCare dryer provides the right heat for temperature-sensitive delicate garments while still efficiently drying more robust regular and denim loads.


AeroCare’s internal computer measures the moisture content of the load using metal sensing bars and together with a temperature sensor determines when the clothes have reached the selected dryness level.

Steam Cycles (selected models only)

Two cycles, AEROSTEAM and AEROSTEAM PLUS use pulses of steam to de-wrinkle items and/or freshen your garments from unpleasant odors or after prolonged storage.

Stainless Steel Drum (selected models only)

AeroCare’s stainless steel drum is not only more hygienic, it’s also more resilient and is easier to keep looking good.

Wrinkle Free

Use WRINKLE FREE to minimize wrinkling and creasing in your garments. After the clothes are dried, they will be tumbled periodically in cool air. WRINKLE FREE will continue for 24 hours or until the dryer is stopped by pressing POWER, or opening the door.

WRINKLE FREE can be selected if you are using one of the automatic cycles (excluding the ENERGY SAVER cycle), and on the TIME DRY cycle.

Drum Light

A convenient light located inside the dryer helps make unloading easier. The light switches on automatically when the door is opened.

For Drum Light Replacement, please refer to Fig.43 under the Installation Instructions.

Drying rack

The drying rack can be used for drying articles such as soft toys, pillows, washable sweaters and shoes, ie items that are too delicate or maybe damaged by tumbling. Place (hook) the rack over the lint filter so that it extends back into the drum.

The drying rack should be used with the RACK DRY or TIME DRY cycles only. Also, the drying rack should not be used when there are other items in the dryer as this may cause damage to the garments.


Fig.44 Drying rack
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