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Thank you for buying this Fisher & Paykel integrated refrigerator. Introducing the next generation in Fisher & Paykel refrigeration. With new flush-fit design and the ability to easily slide into existing kitchen spaces or be integrated behind kitchen cabinetry, these family-sized fridges offer a seamless look to the kitchen while providing excellent food care.

As your life changes, so can your refrigerator. This book explains the features and functions, and will help you get the most out of your refrigerator.

We hope you enjoy your new integrated refrigerator.



844438A RS36A72J.PNG


(Models with Internal Ice Maker)*

844438A RS36A80J.PNG


(Models with Internal Ice Maker)*

844438A RS36W80J.PNG


(Models with Internal Ice Maker)*

844438A RS36A72U.PNG


(Ice & Water Models)*

844438A RS36A80U.PNG


(ICe & Water Models)*

844438A RS36W80U.PNG


(Ice & water Models)9

*All models are shown with Fisher & Paykel EZKleen stainless steel door panel sets.


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