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Attach Side Trims


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For 80” (2032 mm) cavity installation only

Measure 4” (102 mm) from the top, shorter side trim and carefully cut using a fine tooth hacksaw to a length of 76“ (1930 mm). Refer to A for orientation of side trim.

Note: ensure cut is straight and square as this is an exposed surface. Also ensure the plastic part does not bend as this can cause visual stress marks.

Repeat this process for the remaining side trim.

For 80” (2032 mm) and 84” (2134 mm) cavity installations

  1. Place the side trim against the alcove side wall with the shorter lip facing the bottom (refer to B).
    • Ensure the side trim is positioned as high as it will go.

    • Engage the side trim with the brackets by pushing the trim inwards at the locations of the top and middle side trim brackets. Once the trim has engaged with top and middle brackets, then push and engage the side trim at the location of the bottom bracket (refer to C).


      • Ensure there are no visual gaps between the product and side trims.
      • Each bracket has two engagement points for the trim to locate. Ensure the trim is engaged at both points (refer to D).

Repeat this process for the remaining side trim.

Correct visual gaps by loosening side trim screws and moving trim within clearance. If further adjustment is required, relocate brackets to desired position.

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