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84" (2134mm) Cavity - Attach Top Trim

Attaching a Top Trim to 84" 2134mm cavity.


Take care when working with the appliance outside of the finished enclosure, as the appliance is not secured and has the possibility of tipping forward. Tipping of appliance can lead to serious injury or death.

  1.  Ensure all external packaging material is removed from the appliance before installation.
  2. On the right side of the top trim, insert M5 nuts x2 onto the top and bottom slide. Slide nuts towards the center of the trim, ~ 13” (330 mm).
    Repeat this process on the opposite side.
  3. Position joining brackets over the M5 nuts. Thread screws x2 (M5 x 8 pan head Phillips screws) through bracket hole and secure.
    Repeat this process on the opposite side.
  4. At the top of the appliance, place the assembled top trim behind the existing appliance trim. Bring the top trim forward and insert screw heads through the key holes of the joining brackets (refer to A).
  5. Slide the screws located on the appliance sideways towards the narrow side of the key holes on the joining bracket, and tighten screws to lock top trim in position (refer to B).