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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Connect to Water and Electrical Supply


  • The water connection to your Ice & Water refrigerator must be installed by a qualified plumber or a Fisher & Paykel Authorized Service Agent.
  • The water connection instructions below are intended only for the professional installer.
  • DO NOT use water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

  • WARNING – connect to potable water supply only.

  • DO NOT install on line pressure above 120 psi (827 kPa) or below 22 psi (150 kPa).

  • DO NOT use on hot water supply (100°F [38°C max.]).

  • AVOID contamination of pipes during installation.

  • New water fittings (hose-sets) are to be used on the appliance. Old water fittings  (hose-sets) should not be reused.

  • The standard appliance does not include water fittings. Fisher & Paykel water fittings

    are available (part number: 841301). These parts need to be purchased separately by the customer and comply with local regulations.

The assembly of Fisher & Paykel water fittings are outlined below, other water fittings purchased separately also follow the installation steps below:

1. Ensure the refrigerator is NOT plugged into a power supply. Locate isolating faucet for water connection – cold water supply only. Tee and faucet fitting not supplied. Ensure there is enough tubing for the water connection and to pull the appliance out for service, if required.

2. Uncoil the  ” (6 mm) water tubing and thread one end through the opening in the rear cover until it exits the front. 2018-01-08_1217.png

3. At the front of the product, dislodge the PLV. Grasp the PLV from the clips by pulling it towards you (refer to A).


4. Firmly insert water tubing into the PLV. The tube should push in at least  ” (16 mm) before reaching the stop. Once inserted, pull gently on tubing to ensure it is locked in (refer to B).

Secure the connection by attaching the locking key in between the PLV and water tubing (refer to C). Mount the PLV back into the clip.


5. Position the appliance 1.5 – 2 ft. (450 – 600 mm) in front of the finished enclosure (refer to D). This will allow access behind the appliance for water and power connections.

At the back of the appliance, cut the water tube to a suitable length for connecting to the water outlet. Ensure there is enough tubing to pull the appliance out for service, if required.

6. Assemble the following water fittings onto the other end of the water tube.


7. Fasten the faucet connection to the cold water supply. Take care not to over-tighten the faucet connection. Turn isolating faucet on and check that all connections are dry and free of drips.

8. ​​​​​Connecting power

At the back of your appliance adhere the power cord clip.

Connect the appliance to the electrical supply (115 VAC, 60 Hz with the fitted plug and lead, and turn on. Ensure the appliance is connected to its own isolating switch.

Ensure excess power cord length is secured onto the clip (refer to E). When pushing the appliance into position, take care not to roll over or damage the power cord and/or water tubing.


  • Ensure water tubing is routed away from any sharp objects, sharp corners (beware of kinking the tube as this will stop water flow), and not in a location where it can be kinked or squashed.

  • Ensure a firm contact is observed as the appliance engages the anti-tip bracket, 2 3⁄8” min. (60 mm) overlap.

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