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Attach Side Trim Brackets


Before installing your appliance, ensure the dimensions of the finished enclosure are correct for your appliance following the ‘Product and cavity dimensions’ section.  

















2018-01-08_1437.png 2018-01-08_1200.png

1. Break off the datum lip to each side trim bracket and discard.

Repeat for all side trim brackets x6.

2. On one side of the finished enclosure, starting from the top, measure  ’’ (19 mm) from the front cabinetry edge towards the back with the side trim bracket (refer to A).

Mark side trim bracket screw locations for the top, center and bottom of the finished enclosure.

Repeat on the right side of the finished enclosure.

3. Fix side trim brackets to the side of one enclosure with screws x2 (#8 x 16 pan head Phillips screw). Ensure screws hold tight.

Repeat for remaining side trim brackets.


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