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Custom Door Panel Dimensions


ISO view.png


RS36A72J model shown only.
When designing custom door panels, with non-Water dispensing models.


profile view.png

Dimensions RS36A72J
Inches (mm)
A. Height of top door panel 44 7/32” (1123)
B. Width of top door panel 17  3/4” (451)
C. Gap between top door panels 5/32” (4)
D. Height of bottom drawer panel 23 15/32” (596)
E. Height from bottom of product to top of bottom drawer panel 27 15/32” (698)
F. Width of bottom drawer panel 35 21/32” (906)
G. Gap between top door panels and bottom drawer panel 5/32” (4)
H. Depth of custom panels min. 5/8   - max.  3/4” (16-19)
Maximum weight of an individual top door panel 22 pounds (10 kg)
Maximum weight of bottom drawer panel 21 pounds (9.5 kg)

Custom door panels and handles to be manufactured and fitted by cabinetmaker.

The drawings below apply to non-Water dispensing models only. Dimensions are shown in Imperial (inches) and apply for the preparation and installation of custom door panels.  For Dwg and Dxf files of the below panel preparation download the folder on



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