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Cavity Preparation


Cavity Dimensions Inches (mm)
A. Overall height of cavity 72” (1829)
B. Overall width of cavity
(when adjoining cabinetry cannot share 5/32” (4 mm) door gap)
36” (914)
C. Overall depth of cavity 25” (635)


Electrical Specifications RS36A72J RS36A72U
Supply 115VAC, 60 Hz 115VAC, 60 Hz
Service 10 amp circuit 10 amp circuit


Plumbing Specifications RS36A72J RS36A72U
Supply -  1/4” (6 mm) PEX hose or Copper tubing*
Pressure - Minimum 22 psi (150 kPa)
Maximum 120 psi (827 kPa) @ 20°C
Note: recommended that the electrical and water connection be located above the fridge cavity. Optional to locate in an adjacent cabinet to either side of the fridge.

X Do not locate water or electricity in this area, keep clear of connections.


CAUTION: Central area can only fit electrical plug if it is placed within a recessed cavity.

* Water fittings kit – The standard appliance does not include water fittings. Standard Fisher & Paykel water fittings kit are available (part number: 841301). These parts need to be purchased separately by the customer and comply with local regulations.

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