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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Installation Sequence


RS36A72J and RS36A72U models

1. Safety and Warnings
2. Before Installation
3. Components List
4. Product and Cavity Dimensions
5. Cavity Preparations
6. Maximum Distance of Power Cord
7.Custom Door Panels Dimensions
8. Attach Side Trim Brackets
9. Attach Anti-Tip Bracket

10. Connect to Water and Electrical Supply
11. Product Preparation
12. Level your Product
13. Attach Side Trims
14. Assemble Door Panel Set
15. Hanging Ice & Water Door Panel
16. Hanging Non-Water Dispensing Door Panel
17. Top Trim and Hinge End Caps
18. Install Water Filter Cartridge
19. Attach Covers and Kick Strips
20. Final Checklist

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