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Pre-Align your Product Inside Cabinetry


  • It is important that all four corners of the appliance are supported firmly onto the floor to eliminate any movement.
  • Installing the appliance on a soft, uneven, or not level floor may result in twisting of the product and poor door sealing.
  • Raise the appliance using an 7/16” (11mm) hex socket or 3/16” (4mm) hex Allen key. One turn of height adjusting nuts is equivalent to 1/16” (1mm) height travel.  Note: Maximum travel is 13/16” (20mm).
  • Use low torque setting to avoid damage to height adjustment system.

1. Use the front and rear adjustment nuts (A) to align the front of the doors top to bottom on both sides. Depending on your installation design the refrigerator door may be flush with the cabinet frame or the cabinet door. Place a ruler on the front of the product to check flushness top and bottom, left and right. This step will help ensure the refrigerator is level with the adjacent cabinetry.

Failure to achieve flushness top to bottom and/or uneven gaps left to right greater than 1/16” (1.5mm) can lead to difficulties achieving final alignment. Final alignment will be achieved once door panels have been installed and the appliance is pushed back to sit flush with cabinetry.
Prealign inside cabinetry #2.PNG
  • Turn adjustment nuts clockwise to raise or counter-clockwise to lower (refer to A).
  • Check gaps between appliance and adjacent cabinetry are even on both sides (refer to B).
  • Gently push the front of the product to check the stability.

Prealign inside cabinetry #1.PNG


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