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Components List


Door Panel Fittings - Included with Standard Appliance

Components 1.PNG

Door Hanging Bracket (1)

Components 2.PNG

Drawer Hanging Bracket (1)

Components 3.PNG

Side Bracket (6)

Components 4.PNG

Side Strap (6)

Components 5.PNG

M5 x 10 Pan Head Phillips Screw (6)

Components 6.PNG

#8 x 16 Mush Washer Screw (35)

(12 for Side Trim attachement: Fixed Screw Method Only)

Components 7.PNG

M8 Stud (5)

Components 8.PNG

M8 Washer (4)

Components 9.PNG

M8 Nut (4)

Components 10.PNG

Top Cover (2)

Components 11.PNG

Side Cover (10)

Components 12.PNG

Locking Bracket (1)

Anti-Tip Bracket Fittings - Included with Standard Appliance

Components 13.PNG

Anti-Tip Bracket (1)

Components 14.PNG

#10 x 40 Pan Head Phillips Screw (4)

Components 15.PNG

Masonry Plug (4)

Optional Accessories

The standard appliance does not include a door panel set.
Fisher & Paykel (EZKleen stainless steel) and DCS (Stainless steel) door panel sets are available. For models with a water dispenser, the stainless steel door panel sets are required.  For complete integration of non-Water dispensing models a custom door panel set is required. Door handle kits are available as an accessory for custom door panels.

Components Door Panel Set.PNG

Door panel set:
Non-Water dispensing door panel (1)
Drawer panel (1)


Components Door Panel Set I&W.PNG

Door panel set:
Ice & Water door panel (1)
Drawer panel (1)

Components DCS Door Handle.PNG

DCS: Door handle (1)
DCS: Drawer handle (1)


Components FnP Door Handle.PNG

F&P: Door handle (2)

Part numbers:

F&P: RD3680(L/R) or RD3684(L/R)
DCS: RD3680(L/R)C or RD3684(L/R)C

Part numbers:

F&P: RD3680RU or RD3684RU
DCS: RD3680RUC or RD3684RUC

Components M5 Pan Head Socket Screw.PNG

M5 x 25 pan head
socket screw

Components M5 Mush Phillips SS.PNG

M5 x 14 Mush Phillips SS

Water Fittings – Included with the Standard Appliance

Components Collet Lock.PNG

Collet locking key

Components Water filter Cart.PNG

Water filter cartridge (1)
Part number: 81099

Components Filter cartridge tool.PNG

Filter cartridge tool


Components 6mm Adaptor.PNG

1/4” (6mm) Adaptor

Components 6mm SS Braided Hose.PNG

1/4” (6mm) comp.
Stainless Steel braided hose

Components External display mod.PNG

External display module (1)
(included with RS36W80U
and RS36W80UC DCS
standard appliance)

Product Hardware – Included with Standard Appliance.

Components Kickstrip Filter.PNG

Kickstrip Filter (1)

Components Top Kickstrip Grille.PNG

Top Kickstrip Grille (1)

Components Bottom Kickstrip Grille.PNG

Bottom Kickstrip Grille (1)

Components SS Toekick.PNG

Stainless Steel Toe Kick (1)

Components Side Trim.PNG

Side Trim (2)

Components Top Trim.PNG

Top Trim (1)

Components Top Trim Joining Bracket.PNG

Top Trim Joining Bracket* (2)

Components Air Divider.PNG

Air Divider (1)

Components Screw Cover.PNG

Screw Cover (4)

Components Side Trim Bracket.PNG

Side Trim Bracket (6)

Components Fixing Bracket.PNG

Fixing Bracket (4)

Components Spring Clip.PNG

Spring Clip (6)

(For side trim attachment: Flexible Spring Clip Method only)

Components M5 Nut.PNG

M5 Nut (4)

Components M5 Pan Head Phillips Screw.PNG

M5 x 8 Pan Head Phillips Screw (4)

Components M5 Countersunk Phillips Screw.PNG

M5 x 8 Countersunk Phillips Screw (12)

Components M5 16mm Pan Head Screw.PNG

#8 x 5/8" (16 mm) Pan Head Screw (3)

Components #8 x 19 Twin Thread Screw.PNG

#8 x 19 Twin Thread Screw (8)

Components Hinge Limiting Pin.PNG

Hinge Limiting Pin (1)

Components Allen Key.PNG

Allen Key (1)

Components Side Base Bracket.PNG

Side Base Bracket (2)

* To be used when finished enclosure is 84” (2134 mm).
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