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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Install Water Filter Cartridge and Kickstrips


  • The water filter head must be firmly pushed into the product and secured, incorrect installation can lead to water leaks.
  • It is not necessary to shut off the water supply when installing the water filter.
  1. Remove the red protective cap on the spigot head and align the filter cartridge tool over the filter handle
  2. Pull the freezer drawer out slightly and insert the filter cartridge and tool into the bottom left of the product. Firmly push the cartridge in until the filter head cannot be pushed any further.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.12.59 PM.png
  1. Turn 90° clockwise to tighten. Remove filter cartridge tool and close freezer drawer.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.13.49 PM.png
  1. Installing kickstrip filter Remove filter from inside the product. Fit the filter onto the rails and push to the rear until it clips securely (refer to A).

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.15.49 PM.png
  1. Top kickstrip grille Ensure the top grille is inserted in the correct orientation (refer to B). Align the top grille clips to the top plinth slots then firmly push grille onto appliance until the clips engage (refer to C).

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 1.16.23 PM.png
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