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If a spill occurs on the cooktop that allows liquids to seep inside the downdraft unit, you must turn the downdraft vent system off immediately. It is possible to cause damage to the downdraft unit if water is allowed inside the downdraft unit while it is operating.

  • Immediately turn off the downdraft vent system at the speed control located on the right-hand side of the downdraft unit.
  • Turn off the power supply to the downdraft vent system at the circuit breaker box or fuse box.
  • Allow plenty of time for the downdraft unit to dry naturally. Do not open the downdraft unit to remove the water.

If the downdraft vent system does not operate:

  • Check that a circuit breaker has not tripped or a household fuse blown.
  • Check that the grease filters are properly installed.
  • Check the downdraft unit fuse located under the power board.
This downdraft unit is designed with a microswitch behind the center of each grease filter. These microswitches prevent the blower and the unit-raising and lowering mechanism from operating when either of the grease filters is removed. It is very important to make sure that the grease filters are properly and firmly in place. If the unit does not operate after replacing the grease filters, make sure the filters are properly installed and are making firm contact with the microswitches.

Safety Switch

A safety switch, which stops the downdraft unit from rising up for safety reasons, will also stop the rise if it moves into the locked or “activated” position during shipment. By applying a simple turn with pliers on the main lifting screw the downdraft unit will rise by few millimeters releasing the safety switch.

If this does not work, these steps will put the safety switch in the “deactivated” or unlocked position to complete the installation.

Please perform these steps before proceeding with normal installation:

  1. Temporarily connect the power by following the ‘Electrical connections’ instruction.
  2. Locate the safety switch by looking through the hole in the 10” (254 mm) remote blower connection plate on the front of the downdraft unit. This switch is the front switch in the pair of switches on the bottom of the downdraft unit, in front of lower limit switch Fig.26.
  3. Press and hold the power button (with a pointy object) on the top right of the downdraft unit Fig.27.
  4. While holding the power button, place a small flat head screwdriver underneath the safety switch to disengage the lever from the safety switch button Fig.28. By pulling this lever away from the depressed safety switch button, this will return the downdraft unit to normal operation and the downdraft unit will now raise and lower normally.
  5. Test the downdraft unit by pressing the power button on top of the downdraft unit for several raise and lower cycles to ensure the downdraft unit is operating without holding the safety switch.
  6. Disconnect the power and proceed with the rest of the steps to install the product per the installation instructions.

These steps should only be required once and the safety switch will operate normally from then on.

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