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Operating Instructions

The downdraft vent system is designed to remove smoke, cooking vapors and odors from the cooktop area. For best results, the downdraft vent system should be operating before cooking is started and should continue to operate for several minutes after cooking is complete. If using large pots, place them on the rear burner to ensure proper ventilation, a higher fan setting may be required.

The flame sensing ignition on some gas cooktops may be affected by the downdraft by dispersing the flame away from the spark igniter. This may cause the spark to keep running while trying to reignite the burner that is already lit. To resolve this, and improve burner performance, decrease the fan speed or increase the burner setting, or both.


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Control Panel Features

A. Power On/Off

  • Push the power button on the top trim, the downdraft unit will rise. The blower will begin to vent immediately if the blower control slider is set to an ‘On’ position.
  • Push the power button on the top trim, the blower will turn off and the downdraft unit will lower to the closed position.

B. Blower speed

  • Slide the control slider on the right-hand side of the downdraft unit to adjust the blower motor speed.


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