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Do's and Do Not's


Do's and Do Not's

  • Do always use the oven with the door closed.
  • Do read the user instructions carefully before using the range for first time.
  • Do allow the oven to heat for about two hours, before using for the first time, in order to expel any smell from the new oven insulation, without the introduction of food. Turn on overhead vent hood during this time to exhaust any odor.
  • Do clean your oven regularly.
  • Do remove spills as soon as they occur.
  • Do always use oven gloves when removing food shelves and trays from the oven and from the warming drawer.
  • Do not allow children near the range when in use.
  • Do not allow fat or oils to build up in the oven base, or oven accessories.
  • Do not place cooking utensils or plates directly onto the oven base.
  • Do not place hot enamel parts in water. Leave them to cool first.
  • Do not allow vinegar, coffee, milk, saltwater, lemon or tomato juice to remain in contact with enamel parts (i.e. inside the oven).
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or powders that will scratch the surface of the stainless steel and the enamel.
  • Do not attempt to repair the internal workings of your range.
  • Do remove the protective fi lm before the first use.
  • Fire risk! Do not store flammable material in the oven and in the warming drawer.
  • Do not place food in unopened containers in the warming drawer.
  • Do not touch the interior surface of the warming drawer while it is in use.
  • Do not use aluminum foil to line the warming drawer.
  • Do not use plastic containers in the warming drawer.
  • Do not use the warming drawer as a storage drawer.
  • Do not use the oven with the oven door open.
  • Do not use the warming drawer for warming plates.
  • Do not use the oven and the warming drawer to warm or heat a room.
  • Do not use the range when the oven is operating in self cleaning mode.
  • When the self cleaning mode has been completed do not start immediately a new self cleaning cycle: let the range cool down.

For Your Safety

Under no circumstances should any external covers be removed for servicing or maintenance except by suitably qualified personnel.

Before you Call for Service or Assistance ...

Check the things you can do yourself. Refer to the installation instructions and your user guide and check that:

  1. Your product is correctly installed.
  2. You are familiar with its normal operation.

If after checking these points you still need assistance or parts, please refer to the Service & Warranty book for warranty details and your nearest Authorized Repairers, Customer Care, or contact us through our local website listed.

Contact details
A Service Summary is attached to the underside of the product.
For replacement parts or if further help is needed concerning this appliance call:

Toll Free 1 888 9 FNP USA (1 888 936 7872)
or write to:

Fisher & Paykel Appliances Inc.
695 Town Center Drive,
Suite 180 Costa Mesa.
CA 92626-1902

or contact us through our web site,

The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for possible inaccuracies due to printing or transcription errors in the present booklet.
The manufacturer reserves the right to make all modifications to its products deemed necessary for manufacture or commercial reasons at any moment and without prior notice, without jeopardizing the essential functional and safety characteristics of the appliances.

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