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Fig. 1.1


Gas Burners

  1. Rear left Semi-rapid burner (SR) - 8000 BTU/hr
  2. Rear right Semi-rapid burner (SR) - 8000 BTU/hr
  3. Front right Dual burner (D) - 17000 BTU/hr
  4. Front left Dual burner (D) - 17000 BTU/hr
  • The electric gas-lighting device is incorporated into the dials.
  • The appliance has a safety valve system fitted.
    The flow of gas will stop if and when the flame should accidentally go out.

If the burner is accidentally extinguished, turn the gas off at the control dial and wait at least 1 minute before attempting to relight.
Gas appliances produce heat and humidity in the environment in which they are installed.
Ensure that the cooking area is well ventilated following national/local codes.

2018-01-09_1014.png Fig 1.2

Controls Description

Gas Cooking Hob Controls

  1. Front left burner (4) control dial
  2. Rear left burner (1) control dial
  3. Rear right burner (2) control dial
  4. Front right burner (3) control dial

Oven Controls

  1. Function selector dial
  2. Temperature dial (potentiometer)
  3. Electronic programmer
  4. Warming drawer control dial
  5. Warming drawer on pilot light
  6. Oven heating pilot light
  7. Oven on pilot light
  8. Door locked pilot light
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