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Getting Started

Lists the parts supplied and the tools not included but required to install your microwave oven trim kit
  • Remove packaging


Part Description Qty
Trim Assembly 1
Base 1
Mounting Bracket (L/R) 2
Sheet Metal Screws 10

Tools Required

1/8” Drill
#2 Phillip Screwdriver


Before installing trim kit, install the convection duct as follows:

  1. Insert the rear section of the duct into the forward section of the duct and install 4 screws supplied (Fig. 01).
  2. Install foam tape on 2 flanges of the rear section of the duct (Fig. 02).
  3. Remove and retain the 2 top screws, left and right, located at the rear vertical edges of the Microwave (Fig. 03).
  4. Place the duct on top of the Microwave and reinsert the 2 screws removed in Step 3 (Fig. 04).

Fig1-4 242602B.PNG



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