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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Manual Microwave Operation

Turntable ON/OFF

For most cooking, the turntable should be on; however the turntable can be turned off so that it does not rotate when extra large dishes, such as the popular 13”x9”x2” glass utility casserole, are used. The casserole should be placed on the turntable so that it is level.

  • Suppose you want to cook lasagna in a 13”x9”x2” casserole for 45 minutes on 40% power.
  1. Touch TURNTABLE ON/OFF pad and note TURNTABLE OFF in the display.
  2. Enter cooking time by touching the number pads 4 5 0 0 .
  3. Touch POWER LEVEL pad and the number 4 .
  4. Touch START.
  • The door can be opened for checking food and the turntable will stay in the o position. After checking, close door and touch START.
  • The turntable will stay off for one minute after door is opened when time-of-day appears in the display. It is possible to reprogram the oven during that minute without touching the TURNTABLE ON/OFF pad. The display always indicates whether the turntable is off or on.
  • THE TURNTABLE SHOULD ALWAYS BE ON WHEN USING THE SPECIAL FEATURES. On/Off function can be used with manual cooking modes and Sensor Reheat. Turntable off condition will automatically change to on condition when you select auto cooking except Sensor Reheat and Auto Bake.
  • When cooking large quantities of food which cannot be stirred, it is best to use a lower power level such as 40 or 50%. You may speed cooking of large amounts by programming 5 to 10 minutes on 100% power (HIGH) followed by the desired time on lower power. See MULTIPLE SEQUENCE COOKING section for how to program multiple sequences. You may wish to reverse a large casserole once during cooking; simply open door, reposition casserole, close door and touch START.


Your oven is equipped with a light and a fan which can be used whether the door is open or closed.

To turn the light on, touch the LIGHT pad once. To turn the light off , touch the LIGHT pad again.

To turn the fan on, touch the FAN HI/LO pad once for high speed. To turn the fan to low speed, touch pad twice and touch the pad three times to turn the fan off.

Time Cooking - Microwave

Your oven can be programmed for 99 minutes 99 seconds (99.99). Always enter the seconds after the minutes, even if they are both zeros.

  • Suppose you want to cook for 5 minutes at 100%.
  1. Enter cooking time by touching the number pads 5 0 0 .
  2. Touch START pad.

Keep Warm

KEEP WARM can only be programmed with manual cooking or as a separate program.

  • Suppose you want to cook a baked potato for 4 minutes at 100% power and you want to keep it warm after cooking for 30 minutes.
  1. Touch the desired cook time 400 for 1 baked potato.
  2. Touch KEEP WARM pad.
  3. Touch START pad.

At the end of cook time, KEEP WARM is displayed warming food until end of 30 minutes.

To use KEEP WARM as a separate program, touch KEEP WARM pad within 1 minute after cooking, closing the door or touching the STOP/CLEAR pad.

To Set Power Level

There are eleven preset power levels.

Using lower power levels increases the cooking time which is recommended for foods such as cheese, milk and long slow cooking of meats. Consult cookbook or recipes for specific recommendations.

Touch Power Level Pad Once then Touch Approximate Percentage of Power Common Words for Power Levels
9 90%  
8 80%  
7 70% Medium High
6 60%  
5 50% Medium
4 40%  
3 30% Medium Low/Defrost
2 20%  
1 10% Low
0 0%  
  • Suppose you want to defrost for 5 minutes at 30% with the turntable on.
  1. Enter defrosting time by touching the number pads 500.
  2. Touch POWER LEVEL pad and number 3.
  3. Touch START pad.
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