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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Part Names

Front View
  1. Oven door with see-through window.
  2. Door hinges.
  3. Waveguide cover. DO NOT REMOVE.
  4. Turntable motor shaft.
  5. Oven light. It will light when oven is operating or door is open.
  6. Safety door latches. The oven will not operate unless the door is securely closed.
  7. One touch DOOR OPEN button. Push to open door.
  8. FAN HI / LO button. Push for high/low/off .
  9. LIGHT button. Push for on/off.
  10. Auto-Touch control panel.
  11. Time display: Digital display, 99 minutes 99 seconds.
  12. Ventilation openings.

19. Rating label

Bottom View

13. Light cover.

14. Grease filters.




15. Removable ceramic turntable. The turntable will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Only remove for cleaning.

16. Removable turntable support. Place the turntable support on the floor of the oven cavity and the turntable on the turntable support.


17. Removable low rack for broiling and meat and poultry roasting.

18. Removable high rack for two level baking.



Control Panel

Control Panel3.JPG



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