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Fisher & Paykel Product Help

Using Your Downdraft Extractor


To start the extractor

To start the extractor_1.jpg Ensure the cooktop is turned ON.
To start the extractor_2.jpg Select an extraction setting by touching or sliding the extraction speed selector  with your finger.
  • If you don’t select an extraction setting within 10 seconds, the extractor will automatically turn off.
  • You can modify the extraction setting at any time.


Using the Extraction PowerBoost

Using extraction Powerboost_1.jpg Slide the extraction setting selector to the highest level. Hold until P is displayed.
Once PowerBoost is set, the fan will extract at full speed for 15 minutes.  P will flash for a few seconds before reducing back to level 9.


To cancel Extraction PowerBoost

Slide the setting selector to a new setting or to 0 to turn off the fan.


Using Auto-extraction

This feature enables your cooktop to automatically adjust its extraction speed based on the amount of steam generated during cooking.

Setting Auto-extraction

Setting Auto extraction.jpg Press star in circle.jpg. A.jpg will illuminate to indicate
Auto-extraction is active.


To cancel Auto-extraction

You can exit Auto-extraction at any time by pressing star in circle.jpg again or by manually adjusting the fan speed.



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