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Final Checklist



To be Completed by the Installer


  • Placement of cooktop.
  • Specified clearances maintained to cabinet surfaces.
  • Cooktop Level – front to back, side to side.
  • All packaging material and tie straps removed.
  • Backguard attached if there is less than 6” (152mm) clearance to combustibles behind unit.
  • Radiant tray placed in grill unit (if equipped). The grill grate is in place.



  • Receptacle with properly rated over-current protection is provided for service cord connection.
  • Adequate ground connection.


Gas Supply

  • Connection: 1/2 NPT with a minimum 5/8” diameter flex line. Site gas supply is compatible with cooktop model, and sufficient pressure is available (see section ‘Gas connection’).
  • The pressure regulator which is connected to the manifold is set for 5.0” W.C. for natural gas or 10.0” W.C. for LP.
  • Manual gas shut-off valve installed in an accessible location.
  • Unit tested and free of gas leaks.



  • All internal packing materials removed.
  • If used on LP gas, verify that pressure regulator, orifice hoods, air shutters, and valve jets have been set for use with LP gas.
  • Grill grate is seated and does not rock (if equipped).
  • Knobs turn correctly and freely
  • Each burner lights satisfactorily, both individually and with other burners operating at the same time.
  • Flame adjustment made on air shutter of each griddle, or grill burner.
  • Griddle is level and does not rock (if equipped).
  • Burner grates correctly positioned, level, and do not rock.
  • Griddle flame correct.
  • Grill flame correct.
  • Cooktop burner flame correct.


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